What will you see


You will see veins and other blood vessels as dark shadow lines in your breast. These are totally normal.

Around the nipple you may see a circle of small dots – these are part of your mammary glands. These are also totally normal.

These pictures are examples of normal healthy breasts.

Over a number of months you will learn what your breasts look like when lit by your Breastlight. This internal view will become as familiar to you as the look and feel of your breasts on the outside.

As with all the aspects of breast awareness the important things is to look out for any changes.

Should you notice a dark or shadowy spot as indicated in the images on the right, this is cause for concern and should be further evaluated and diagnosed by a medical professional such as your GP as soon as possible.

Remember, this is not cause for panic as not all dark spots are cancerous, in fact, a large percentage of these are harmless sub cutaneous cysts.

The most important factor is to identify any abnormalities as early as possible, have them diagnosed so that should treatment be required, you receive this at the earliest opportunity.

Early detection saves lives.


Early Breast Cancer and Breast Abnormality Detection Device

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