How does it work?

Breastlight Explained

Breastlight shines a frequency specific safe and harmless red light through the breast tissue. Breast abnormalities will be visibly identified as dark, shadowy spots.

Lens:  Place the lens of the Breastlight against the skin of your breast. Once contact is made, this will activate the three harmless LED lights and in so doing will give you a translucent view of the inside of your breast. It is important that the lens makes suitable contact with the skin as poor contact will not activate the lights.

Display Panel: Shows ‘days since last use indicator, Brightness intensity indicator and Battery charge indicator.

Brightness Adjustment: Breastlight can be used on all skin colours and breast sizes but the light intensity may need to be adjusted to suit your breast size and/or colour. Simply press this button to scroll through the 4 brightness settings to find the one that suits you the best. This will be indicated on the digital display.

Days Since Last Use indicator: There is no set pattern or timeline for using Breastlight but this handy indicator will allow you to see instantly how many days it is since you last used the device. This will assist you should you find an issue by giving your GP a timeline on how long it has been between your breasts being normal and since you spotted an issue.

Rechargeable Battery; Breastlight is rechargeable meaning no additional battery costs. A single charge will accommodate at least 30 - 50 consecutive screenings within a single session” Should the Breastlight be left for days or weeks without being on charge, the battery will slowly discharge and might require a top up charge before using it again. The Battery charge symbol shown on the digital display advises the user how much battery life is left in the device.


Early Breast Cancer and Breast Abnormality Detection Device

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