I have lumpy breasts. When using Breastlight would I see lots of dark shadows?

It depends if the lumps are fibrous, fatty or fluid filled cysts. If so as there is no extra blood present, NO shadow will be seen. If however you see a shadow in the breast it could be a blood filled cyst, bruise or a growth. Any lumps that are causing you anxiety should be seen by your doctor or nurse.

I have had a lumpectomy, should I use Breastlight?

Yes, it is fine to use Breastlight when you have had any type of breast surgery. You will see slightly thickened tissue at the operation site. It is also really important that you take care of your breasts now and check them regularly.

Why do I need to alter the intensity of the light in Breastlight?

The density of breasts varies; this is dependent on lots of factors – age; size; hormonal changes and the time of the month. The denser your breast the higher the intensity light you need. Too high or too low a setting will mean that blood vessels are not seen clearly, so try different brightness.


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