Detailed Instructions For Breast Self Exam

We designed Breastlight to be a simple and easy to use product.

However before you use the product we do strongly recommend that you take some time to read through the instructions.

Find a room in the house where you can turn off the lights and make it as dark as possible. The darker the room, the easier it is to use Breastlight.

It is helpful to see yourself in a mirror as you use the product – so make sure there is one in the room that you can sit or stand in front of.

Make yourself comfortable – sitting or standing are both fine.

Most women find it more comfortable to use a lubricant, which allows the lens to slide across the skin more easily. Apply the lubricant lightly over the entire breast and wipe off any excess after you have finished.

Chose a water-based lubricant, not an oil based product (such as baby oil or petroleum jelly) as this may damage your Breastlight.

A sample of the specially formulated Breastlight Lubricant is included in the pack.

Do not use the lubricant supplied if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Turn off the lights and wait for a couple of minutes to allow your eyes to get used to the dark.

Turn on your Breastlight. At first, it will start at a low light level so as not to dazzle your eyes. The light will increase to full power only when it is in contact with your skin.

Hold Breastlight underneath one of your breasts and push it firmly against the skin. This will make sure that there is a good contact with your skin and avoid light escaping at the side. At this point you will notice the light has become very bright.

By looking down you will see part of your breast illuminated by the light. The dark lines are veins and other blood vessels in silhouette.

There are four different brightness settings. Use the top button on your Breastlight to change the brightness level. Generally larger or firmer breasts will require a higher brightness setting. Try all the brightness settings until you find the one that is right for you. If the light is too low then you will not be able to see the veins in your breast. If it is too high you won’t be able to see the fine details.

Slowly move Breastlight around and you will be able to see other parts of your breast. You should continue to do this until you have seen as much as you can.Use your other hand to hold your breast as you move Breastlight around. This will help you keep the lens pressed firmly against the skin.

As you move around you may find it easier to switch hands as you change position.

The breast tissue goes right around under the arms and high up on the chest toward your shoulder – so be sure to look here as well.By either looking down on your breast or at the reflection in the mirror you will get a good view of all these areas.

Take time to check all areas of your breast, including the area just behind the nipple.

There is no set way to complete the examination. There is quite a variation in breast shapes and sizes and you know yourself best. Just make sure that you have a good look around.

When you have finished looking at one breast you should repeat with the other. Once again you may find it easier to do this if you switch and hold your Breastlight with the other hand.

At the beginning it might feel a little strange but with practice you will get better and better results.

Important things to remember are:

  • Make the room as dark as possible
  • Keep your Breastlight pressed tightly against your skin
  • Use a mirror so you can see more
  • Check all areas – including under the arms and high on the chest

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